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“ERT can be the best way to bring your nervous back to a resilient state”

Master Dean Siminoff

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  • Strengthen individuals
  • strengthen teams
  • strengthen communities

Enhanced Resilience Training was created to heal and empower individuals, but a key requirement is ERT is always performed in groups usually 16-20 people. This makes it a powerful methodology that is ideally suited for teams of any kind, from high performance sports to corporate teams, community groups or high school students and elementary school classrooms. Health care workers are a group we know faces trauma almost daily, ERT can be the best way to bring your nervous back to a resilient state.

We all know teams are made up of individuals so imagine the strength in your team when every individual nervous system is operating its best. If you are suffering severe PTSD from violence or want to increase the resilience of yourself or those around you, ERT is made for you. We all need to be aware of and take opportunities to increase and maintain our own resilience. Enhanced Resilience Training is delivered through 15-20 hours and is a dynamic, fun, bonding experience working through theory and physical training


Contact us if you think ERT can help you – some examples are …

  • Individuals who have experienced trauma or not
  • NGO who work with vulnerable individuals and communities
  • Populations suffering war or genocide – ERT will work thru local Gov’t or NGO
  • Corporations who want to build cohesive teams and provide mental health support
  • High performance sports teams of any age – again individual health is key
  • Education; ERT is powerful in the classroom and for teachers’ personal health

  • Heath care workers facing trauma daily; Nurses, Doctors and EMT need refreshing

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