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Enhanced Resilience Training

“Trauma can not exist where there is resilience” Master Dean

What We Do


“To help individuals live lives free from the effects of violence and trauma – Healing and empowering through enhanced resilience training”


A program that empowers people

Enhanced Resilience Training™

is a unique methodology that combines the latest scientific understanding of trauma and our nervous systems with a dynamic mind/body approach to “re-program” the nervous system.

  • restoring our nervous system to its natural
    functioning state
  • Physical empowerment training

  • Rebuild that mind and body connection

The founder of the Polyvagal Theory

Dr. Stephen Porges

The work you are doing is remarkable because you take individuals who, in our terminology we would say are deeply injured…but you are not responding to the injury you are in a sense triggering strength.

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Enhanced Resilience Training

Defeat Trauma

Trauma can result in long-term health problems and reduced quality of life including leading to drug abuse and addictions.

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Prevent Gender Violence

Suffering gender violence is a trauma and can result in PTSD. ERT training includes a significant component of self defense so can equip a person to better protect themselves.

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Build Resilence

We all need as much resilience as we can manage. Resilience can be built up in any individual and if we know which factors add to our resilience we can work on those.

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overcoming trauma one day at a time.

Rwandan widow tells her heart-wrenching story as a genocide victim

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What we do

Enhanced Resilience Institute exists to help individuals live lives free from violence and trauma through delivering ERT and certifying instructors globally ERTI supports the work of Martial Arts for Justice.

Please contact Master Dean for further information

Who Needs ERT?


Enhanced Resilience Training is great for everyone!

traumatic event

Addictions; genocide and war; refugees; rape and other violence.

vulnerable populations

NGO that work with vulnerable populations can license ERT; teens; vulnerable groups such as First Nations; school teachers; medical professionals; corporate teams for health and bonding ; elite athletes;



Martial artist and instructor for 26 years

Master Dean

Has created a program that transforms people who have encountered trauma in their lives. He has had the privilege now to collaborate with global experts like Dr. Stephen Porges the author of “The Polyvagal Theory.” Dean’s work in Rwanda has helped transform the lives of hundreds of victims of genocide.

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