The ERT program translates Polyvagal theory into an approachable and effective treatment for trauma and PTSD.

“Defeating Trauma” is a 5 Hour online course, designed to break down the formula behind what makes ERT so impactful.

Dr. Porges (Founder of Polyvagal Theory) and Dean Siminoff (Founder of ERT) will guide you every-step of the way as you learn to create safety, foster resilience and deliver the tools, information and techniques that individuals need to heal and rebuild their mind-body connection.

Trauma informed facilitation techniques

Nervous system regulating exercises and games

CBT mindfulness techniques and tools

Defeating Trauma: Polyvagal Enhanced Resilience Training

$199 one time payment

Powerful healing with long-lasting effects is life-changing, and the path to it engages both mind and body. In order for us to heal our nervous system – focus on healing that mind/body connection is key.

This is why Enhanced Resilience Training (ERT) is so effective. ERT exercises rebuild that mind and body connection in the safe space of a class setting, as you work with like-minded people, who want to heal in order to change their lives for the better.

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A course with trauma-informed tools

This step-by-step course is ideal for coaches, therapists, group facilitators and self defense instructors who are looking for effective and trauma-informed tools, techniques and exercises to integrate into their work—for better, faster results.

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