Annual Reports

Annual Reports: Milestones and Momentum

“To help individuals live lives free from the effects of violence and trauma—healing and empowering through Enhanced Resilience Training”.


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ERT™ strives to maximize the impact that one healthy individual has on the larger community.


No initiatives or social evolutions will be effective for mankind until we address and heal the global impact of trauma. Once healed, an individual’s natural state of life force returns, which has a profound ripple effect on local, regional and global communities.

Master Dean Siminoff is a 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and Chief Master Instructor. He has been teaching and operating his own schools (KMA) for 20 years gaining a unique understanding of the mind and body working with all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. He is the founder & president of Martial Arts for Justice, a registered Canadian Charity.


ERT™ is informed by Polyvagal Theory, and directly endorsed by its founder Dr. Stephen Porges. More importantly, the ERT program translates Polyvagal Theory into an actionable, and approachable, healing modality.

His commitment to helping those facing injustice and gender-based violence, has led to the creation of Enhanced Resilience TrainingTM

How Enhanced Resilience Training Began