“Trauma can not exist where there is resilience”

Master Dean Siminoff


Overcoming trauma begins with inner healing

Only powerful healing and change can break the chains of past trauma. These invisible chains prevent us from living our best life. Trauma affects us mentally and physically–attacking our nervous system and throwing it off balance. This disequilibrium opens us up to disorders and diseases that are normally preventable, when we have a strong and balanced nervous system.

  • dissociation, (feeling like your mind and body are disconnected,
  • disrupted sleep patterns,
  • headaches,
  • high blood pressure,
  • anxiety,
  • anger or short temper

Powerful healing with long-lasting effects is life-changing, and the path to it engages both mind and body. In order for us to heal our nervous system – focus on healing that mind/body connection is key.

ERT–Healing from the inside out

This is why Enhanced Resilience Training (ERT) is so effective. ERT exercises rebuild that mind and body connection in the safe space of a class setting, as you work with like-minded people, who want to heal in order to change their lives for the better.

Engaging in ERT will help give you your life back. Bringing you into total balance, healing your nervous system and restoring it back to its natural state, so it functions at optimum levels. The more resilient a person is, the less likely they will suffer from the lasting effects of trauma. And as “resilience” is injected into you, mind, body and soul, through the ERT sessions, the closer you get to the restoration of your nervous system.

Enhanced Resilience Training

Defeat Trauma

How? Most of us know we live in a traumatized world, not only in the developing world but north america also – and trauma can be debilitating – ERT is a methodology using a variety of mind and body work along with theory that is proven to eliminate or significantly reduce the symptoms of PTSD. Trauma can be the result of various forms of abuse, from war and genocide, gender violence, the list is to long. Trauma can result in long term health problems and reduced quality of life including leading to drug abuse and addictions. ERT does not present itself as “therapy” and is uniquely suited to work with people suffering addictions and in a group environment – most experts agree trauma is often at the root of addiction – contact us today for more info how we can help

Prevent Gender Violence

gender violence is most prevalent in the developing world but is also found too often in north america as well. Suffering gender violence is a trauma and can result in PTSD. ERT training includes a significant component of self defense so can equip a person to better protect themselves. We also know scientifically that someone who has suffered trauma can be much more vulnerable to future attacks so ERT is comprehensive in helping to reset the nervous system and equip you with self defense skills

Build Resilience

Resilience is a word that has been used a lot in recent years and in some cases misunderstood. People may believe that resilience is a factor that is static or we are born with either lots or not so much. The truth is, we all need as much resilience as we can manage.
Resilience can be built up in any individual and if we know which factors add to our resilience we can work at those. ERT does exactly this by kickstarting our resilience and teaching you how to grow that. As Master Dean says “Trauma cannot exist where there is resilience” so building this into everyone including our kids, teens and other vulnerable groups is essential.

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