What People are saying about Enhanced Resilience TrainingTM

The work you are doing is remarkable because you take individuals who, in our terminology we would say are deeply injured…but you are not responding to the injury you are in a sense triggering strength. So sometimes we think people who are injured we want to fix them, but if we truly understand how our nervous system and our humanity needs cues of engagement with movement, and we facilitate this, the person begins to re-occupy their body, “they become re-embodied.” So, I think the process of Enhanced Resilience Training is this re-embodiment.

I think successful trauma therapy is re-embodiment because the adaptive reaction to great chronic threat, severe trauma, is functionally that we leave our own body and we call that disassociation; and if it is not totally dissociative, we live in our cortex and that means turning off our feedback loops in our body so we start getting illness and in our culture we call that chronic stress; but take the stress away and the body won’t retune because it needs cues of safety; and it forgot what they are or how to get them.

So what you’ve done in your resilience training model is you have brought integration movement and social engagement together and it’s the magic of social engagement, the presence of being with these people and being reciprocal with them (and they with each other) that allows them to become re-embodied, the mind and body become co-regulated

Dr Porges 

The founder of the Polyvagal Theory

Video testimonials

Women’s ERT Nelson BC (name?)

When it came to the power of safe, social connection to bring grounding and healing, my expectations were exceeded. We have the power to heal each other with our genuine love and heart-felt embrace. I was also reminded about the power of doing something new and demanding of ones focus to bring me into a mindful and present space. That’s what I loved about learning all the new exercises and moves.

It was above and beyond my expectations

When I came back to school, I saw my students through a different set of eyes. I shared with the staff how this experience changed my soul and how I relate with/to my emotions

The breathing and grounding exercises as well as the understanding of being able to sit in my emotions, then recognize them, deal with them and then let them go.

How well the physical activities work to reset and re-build the nervous system

Good morning Dean, Thank you for an amazing experience this past weekend!

I seriously can’t thank you enough for the opportunity and look forward to
working with you and MAJ ongoing!! With gratitude,

I attempted to have no expectations but walked away knowing that the weekend was a huge success for me.

very interested in pursuing this further and reaching more people, working
with Dean to offer this on a bigger scale.
I loved talking about single trial learning and the possibility for positive and
empowering events to rewire the brain as powerfully as a single traumatic
The safe, social engagement piece was really priceless. Thank you for facilitating such a positive, inclusive, emotionally safe environment for us to connect with each other.
I want to thank you again for such an amazing weekend (that I truly had no idea I was walking in to) — The process is/ was amazing. Thank you.

I feel super inspired, and grateful beyond words.

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