“Trauma can not exist where there is resilience”

Master Dean Siminoff


25 years of martial arts experience

Dean Siminoff has 25 years of martial arts experience teaching 21 years now and is the founder of Kootenay Martial Arts teaching all ages in the community of Nelson BC.
In 2015 Dean traveled to Africa – became aware of injustice in the world, particularly in the form of gender violence against women and children and the resulting trauma.

This led to Dean founding www.martialartsforjustice.org in 2015 and MAJ is now a registered Canadian charity. MAJs initial purpose was to fundraise to support its mission overseas and promote this work specifically to martial arts schools …educating students to be champions of justice — this was done thru a campaign called BBBC – Breaking Boards Breaking Chains.

After MAJ was established Dean continued to travel to Africa specifically Rwanda and Uganda – in meeting the people and learning more about their challenges and cultures and seeing that GBV (gender-based violence) was epidemic and combined with trauma PTSD is debilitating resulting in making it almost impossible for people to overcome poverty and lack of education.

This led to the creation of Enhanced Resilience Training and this was gradually introduced there in smaller pilot projects beginning in 2017.
MAJ is licensed to use ERT for example in Rwanda and last year did a large project training 420 women – ERT is delivered in groups of 20 and it is a trauma healing and empowering methodology.

ERT is now being taught to the general public in Canada and available to most individuals or groups who would request this life-changing training.

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